Learning is a gift from God. We invite you to grow along with us. There are many Sunday School classes to visit; there are many programs on Wednesday nights.

  • Methodism 101 will be offered for 4 Sundays, Jan 22 –Feb 12 at 10 am in the library. Led by our pastor, Dr. Jody Alderman, this is an introduction to what our faith and Methodism is all about for new members, visitors, or those who want a refresher! Come one Sunday or all four weeks!
  • We continue our book club on February 1st as part of our Wednesday program schedule. Our book choice for February is Blood Brothers: the Dramatic Story of a Palestinian Christian working for Peace in Israel by Elias Chacour. Jane Baldridge will show pictures, as she has just visited with the people and places of the book. If you are not much of a reader, we believe the discussion will still be interesting for you. After all, we learn in different ways: some by reading; some by hearing; others by doing; and all of us maturing in faith.
  • Join us for a study on The Call: the Life and Message of the Apostle Paul by Adam Hamilton. This includes a dvd component as we visit the places Paul journeyed. We have 2 class options to fit your schedule:
    • Sunday afternoons led by Nesbit Dasher. We meet right after service with bring your own lunch (or bring in takeout) beginning Jan. 8th.
    • Tuesdays at noon, beginning January 17th at our Brown Bag Bible Study. A closed Facebook group will be created for the study for you to still participate even if you cannot attend the weekly meeting and also to enhance our study with discussion, prayers, and resource sharing.

We invite you to study with us. And we encourage you to bring a friend along. Find books online, at area bookstores, or reserve a copy through the church office. Some are available in large print or ebook editions.

Have an idea for a study? Contact Nichole.