We have had multiple capital campaigns over the years to restore various pieces and parts of our church, but one thing has been missing – at least during my time at St. John – a Facilities Manager to handle the routine maintenance around the church and coordinate the more extensive repairs with outside contractors. On June 19th Tim James joined our church staff as the part-time Facilities Manager. He has extensive HVAC experience and is skilled in a number of other trades as well. And he plays bass guitar in a church band! Tim also works part-time at the federal courthouse in facilities support. If you   haven’t had a chance to meet, there could be several reasons. The obvious one is that he is normally here during the week; the not so obvious reason is that he is a moving target. He has an office, but he is rarely in it: replacing weather stripping on one of many exterior doors, securing the banners in the front of the church, inspecting the leak over the kitchen, checking the a/c unit in the choir camp room. I think you get the idea – he is a busy dude! If you run across something that needs his attention, please call the church office so it can be reviewed by the Trustees and prioritized. Obviously, an urgent need will be expedited.

At this point I need to acknowledge Tim’s predecessor, Nichole Kuehl. She has been doing double duty as our program director/facilities manager for quite some time now. Both jobs require a lot of time and energy and the skills to do one job are not necessarily the skills to do the other. But she has been able to successfully pull it off, and we appreciate that!

In the coming weeks, look for new treads on the main stairway and new ceiling tiles to replace the water-stained ones and still more improvements/repairs, large and small, in the months to come.

If you get the opportunity, please introduce yourself to Tim and take the opportunity to thank Nichole for her service.


Chip Matson, Chair of Staff Parish Relations