Where is this God of all creation?

Where is this God now – gone?

A year of fear and failure, a year of Covid’s dread;

Of empty hearts and sanctuaries;

Of layoffs, loneliness, and loss;

Of broken hearts and broken futures;

Of death and sorrows gloom;

Of empty chairs around the table.

We’re tired and weary. The waiting has been long.

And Yet, and yet, and yet, what if?

The clouds of darkness passed, winter now has ended.

The spring returns again and brings new life; the flowers come to bloom.

The pain of the cross is lifted. The waiting now is through.

The dread of death is ended. The dread of death is gone.

 The empty tomb before us brings joy, and hope returns.

 As morning sun arises, the birds begin to sing; our hearts begin to soar.

 Our possibilities awaken.

The final word is now, not death.

The final word is life: life anew and life abundant.

Although he bore the cross alone, Christ rose instead, we’re not alone.

God is not dead, God is not gone.

He lives, he lives, he lives, instead.                                         

– Jody Alderman

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