It is hard to believe that we have been out of the sanctuary due to the Covid Pandemic for one year.  It seems like we have been in the season of Lent forever. We are all tired of it.  I am proud of what we have been able to do. Our decisions have been well-informed. We have adjusted the best we knew how. We worshiped at the lake property until it got too cold. We miss our fellowship and in-person worship, but we have increased our technology to improve our livestreaming capabilities. However, I am mindful there are some in our congregation who have not be able to view any of our worship services for a year and that is heartbreaking to me.

During this season of Lent I can’t help but think about the Israelites in the wilderness. They wondered if Moses had taken them out into the desert to have them all die. They wondered if the Promised Land was real. They began to whine and complain and quarrel. In Numbers 21 there is an unusual story about God’s reaction to all the complaining. The camp is filled with poisonous snakes and the complaining people are bitten.  It is a troubling passage. God punishes the angry flock but then he creates a way out.  A bronze snake is put on the end of a pole and held up for all the people to see and the people repent and the relationship to God is restored.

Lent gives us the opportunity to reflect, to confess; it reminds us that we too are called to look upon the cross of Christ. We are not to focus on all the troubles but to focus more on God’s mercy and grace. We sing “Lift high the cross, the love of Christ proclaim till all the world adore his sacred name.  O Lord, once lifted on the glorious tree, as thou has promised, draw the world to thee.”

Blessings to you as we draw closer to the cross, join in as we livestream, join in the Tuesday Zoom discussion, participate in the planned outdoor activities and pray for healing for ourselves and the nation.

Stay tuned, good things are coming our way!

Jody Alderman