January 8, 2021

Words are not adequate to express our feeling of what occurred in our nation’s capitol this past Wednesday. What we saw and experienced was heartbreaking, sad, confusing, disturbing, disgusting, angering. It created within us doubt and uncertainty; fear and anxiety. Whatever your political party, violence is never the answer. People have the right to disagree, to protest, but they do not have the right to break the law. People have the right of freedom of speech, but people do not have the right to lie.

Many people in our nation are disappointed and hurting. People are dying due to Covid.  Jobs have been lost. People are disappointed by the election results; people are disappointed by the racial injustice that continues in our nation; people are disappointed by the pandemic and our response to it.  People are disappointed in the leadership of our nation.

So let us now take pause in our disappointment and grief today to pray for our country; to pray for healing, for unity and a positive transition of power. Pray that each of us could be instruments of peace in such a volatile world.

Let us pray.

O Lord, God of all Creation, Prince of Peace, may we discover how to put feet on our prayers. Teach us, Lord, what action we can take to rid our country of racism, of hate, of fear, of poverty, of oppression, of arrogance, and of pride. And above all, give us the courage to love, to forgive, and the courage to stand against the evils of this world. Amen.

Blessings to you,

Rev. Jody Alderman