We are planning exciting bible study opportunities for members and guests! Beginning January 20 – April 8, each Sunday night, 5pm-6:30, we will offer three different classes in Disciple Bible Study. This 12 week study in the Old Testament then breaks for the summer and resumes for 12 weeks in late August for the New Testament study. Various facilitators will lead, including Carol Capers, Nesbit Dasher, Patty Strickland, Sandy Hobbs, Alison Wright, Nichole Kuehl, and Dr. Jody Alderman.

For those who have not taken a Disciple Bible Study, choose Disciple 1: Becoming Disciples Through Bible Study, an overview of the entire Bible, 12 weeks through the Old Testament, followed by 12 weeks through the New Testament.

For those who have taken Disciple 1,

choose Disciple 2: Into the Word, Into the World, a 12 week study of Genesis – Exodus, followed by a 12 week study of Luke – Acts.


choose Disciple 3: Remember Who You Are, a 12 week study of Old Testament Prophets, followed by a 12 week study of the Letters of Paul.

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See our display table and signup outside the church office this Sunday!