Contact Persons:  Jane Baldridge, Missions Chair, 414-916-6174; and Debby Barron, Clothes Closet Coordinator, , 706-855-6347 cell.

The Clothes Closet is a long-standing ministry to anyone in need of clothing located in the Mead House along with DCCM (Downtown Cooperative Church Ministries*) in downtown Augusta, operating a super food pantry, and a free health clinic, run by Coordinated Health Services. The Clothes Closet is for all ages and sizes throughout the calendar year.

Location of Compass Point: The Clothes Closet is located at 430-432 8th St., Augusta, Ga 30901. It occupies the second floor of the St. John Mead House near the corner of 8th and Telfair Streets. The back of the building aligns with the west side of the church parking lot.

Mission: The mission is to provide family clothing primarily for greater downtown residents and the homeless.

Types of jobs for volunteers:

There are four options and all involve sitting, standing, and walking:

1.) as staff on a regular basis for the Clothes Closet. [includes climbing stairs]

2.) as back-up workers in the Clothes Closet to cover vacations & doctor appointments. [includes climbing stairs]

3.) as a frequent fundraiser through parking cars in the St. John lot to earn cash for purchase of Blessing Bag items, underwear, socks, and gloves.

4.) as behind-the-scenes workers in a church room sorting and hanging as frequently as one is available.

Hours volunteers needed: 10:30 AM to 1:30 PM on Tuesdays and every second Saturday of the month.

Donations needed:

  • Gently used clothing for all ages and sizes regardless of the season.
  • Any gently used bath and kitchen towels or bed linens, even if not matching sets. 
  • Plastic or paper bags bigger than grocery store plastic bags for shoppers’ convenience.
  • New items for Blessing Bags, such as new travel-sized toiletries and small packages of personal items.