Text to Give (TTG) instructions

We have a new option for you to give digitally in addition to our online site and mobile app.

Our keyword for St. John UMC is StJohn and it is connected to our General Budget donations. Our keyword for our lake ministry donations is StJohnLake.

To donate, you will text the keyword, a space, and donation amount to our number 74483. So, for a tithe or general budget donation of $10, you would text stjohn 10 to 74483. To donate $20 to the lake ministry, you would text stjohnlake 20 to 74483. The system will then prompt you for your next step. The keyword is not case sensitive and the dollar sign is not necessary, but it’s okay if you use it.  However, donors must text in that specific format for the system to work properly.

*If you are donating through TTG for the first time, you will receive a text containing a link to login or create a SecureGive account. If you already have an online SecureGive account, you will answer a few questions to link your text giving to your account.

You will then be asked to save your default payment information for text giving; then the system will confirm your donation, and you will receive an email receipt.

*The only time that donors should have to enter login or card information is the first time you donate through TTG. After the first transaction, your SecureGive account and card information will be recognized automatically and you will simply reply Y to confirm your transaction. You will receive a confirmation text and an email receipt. If you ever need to update any account info such as your card, you can text the word “update” to be sent a link.

TTG video https://vimeo.com/317285140/302dd1ce92

Download these instructions for easy reference.

We still welcome checks and cash or direct draft from your bank. For information on these traditional methods or online giving instructions, click here.