724 Greene Street Augusta, Georgia 30901 706-751-4956

Agency Contact Person: Kelly Thakston, kelly.thackston@wesleywoods

St. John Contact Person: Doris Shellhorse, doris.shellhorse@gmail.com

Mission: Wesley Woods operates several comfortable retirement communities throughout North Georgia, like St. John Towers next door, that emphasize wellness, socialization, education, and personal and spiritual fulfillment making the retirement experience healthy and fulfilling for older adults of all income levels, races, and faiths. As a not-for-profit provider, Wesley Woods provides affordable residential and health care services to older adults. Wesley Woods is different from profit-based retirement communities because they serve people rather than the bottom line.

Wesley Woods Website: http://www.wesleywoods.org

St. John Towers Website: http://www.wesleywoods.org/sjt/augusta-st-john-towers.html

Types of jobs for volunteers: 

  • Teach Sunday School
  • Help with United Methodist Women meetings at the Towers
  • Help with meals 4 times per year at St. John UMC
  • Help with recruiting volunteers from St John Towers for service projects in conjunction with St John UMC

Hours for volunteers: 

  • Sunday School Teachers – Sunday Morning
  • United Methodist Women – Second Thursday of each month, Afternoon
  • Fellowship Lunches – To be arranged

Dates needed for volunteers: Contact Doris Shellhorse, 864-605-8186, Senior Adult Program Coordinator for St. John UMC

Donations needed: Food for quarterly luncheons