Dear Fellow St. John members,

I’m excited about St. John; we are seeing new members join and new faces each week.   God is working in our church!

Your Stewardship Committee has been exploring ways to involve the St. John family in preparing for Stewardship Month in October. We believe a meaningful way to do this is to give members an opportunity to share your thoughts about how you learned to give, and why supporting the work of Christ through St. John is important to you.

Our theme for the campaign is “Gratitude.” How has your gratitude inspired your giving?   You may have an example or an experience of giving your time, your talent, and your resources. We will gather the responses and create a devotional book to be distributed at the end of September. The format will be something similar to the Upper Room Devotional booklet. Write out a scripture reference at the beginning, then your thoughts, and close with a short prayer for the day.

If you are considering this call to write one of the daily devotions, email it as a word document if possible to Traci Fryant by September 10, 2017.

The Committee sincerely hopes you will participate in sharing your thoughts. My heart is filled with Gratitude as I think of the love of Jesus Christ and this wonderful church. Please be in prayer for your church as we move toward this important time of the year.


Charles Piercy and Nesbit Dasher

Thanks be to God for his indescribable gift!                                  II Corinthians 9:15