A New Kind Of Leadership (Part 1)

You know what fellowship is, right? It’s a lot of fellows in a ship! The word “Leadership” is a bit more difficult to define. One thing is clear: as Christians we are all leaders.

A lot of folks have already stopped reading this because they say to themselves, “I’m not a leader.” But stay with me, leadership may not be what you think it is.

Leadership is not standing on the desk and yelling the loudest.

Leadership is more than saying, “Yes, I want to be in charge.”

Leadership is not about getting a lot of things done. Leadership is about getting the right things done.

Leadership is about VISION. It is about seeing what is and what can be. Lovett Weems said “leadership is about helping people to take the next faithful step.”

One time the Disciples were arguing who would be the greatest. Who would be first in the kingdom? Who would get to sit at the right hand of Jesus? Jesus said that to lead you must be willing to humble yourself, and he took off his outer garment, took a towel, knelt down, and washed the disciples’ feet. Was that leadership? Yes. It was a new kind of leadership.

John Ed Matheson, the former pastor of Frazer Memorial in Montgomery, Alabama, suggests that the church needs to Visualize, Organize, Energize and Finalize. In September we are having a leadership event called Vision 20/20: Discovering God’s Plan for St. John UMC. At this event we will explore what God has in mind for our future ministry. We will start by focusing on Vison.

When Epcot Center opened in Orlando, there were 2 weeks of a media blitz; there were parades, newscasts. It was a huge event. Nothing had ever been built like it. Walt Disney had died 6 months before it opened. During the official opening ceremonies, one of the NBC commentators leaned over to Mrs. Disney and remarked that he was sorry Walt   couldn’t be here to see all of this. She didn’t miss a beat when she   answered that Walt did see this 25 years ago, and because he saw it, we are seeing it.

Thank God for church folks who dared to have vision in the past and for those who will dare to dream and vision for the future. Pray for God to send us His vision for what we are to be and to do.

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